Valimex Sustainability

Food Waste – To help reduce the impact of our waste on landfill we have green bins solely for the food waste which then get collected for Anaerobic Digestion. Over the next 30 to 35 days this is broken down by bacteria to produce biogas which then gets fed into the National Grid.

Packaging (splits)
You will have seen a few differences in the way we pack. Kraft Film Front bags which are totally compostable and degrade within 12 months.
Packaging (general)
We are constantly working with our growers to reduce needless packaging and provide options on single use plastic.
Plastic crates
All goods can be packed in brown recyclable carrier bags which are then taken out of the crate and can be placed into your own containers.
All our vehicles are Euro 6 so compliant with current legislation. We backhaul from growers and markets to reduce the impact on roads.

The Felix Project

We also send our produce to The Felix Project in London where all our surplus food goes to local charities and schools, our donations so far has already resulted to 1.48 tonnes, equating to 3,530 meals (converted weight into meals by WRAP guidelines, a meal is considered 420g). This is why you will sometimes see a mixture of boxes. Again, this saves the waste cardboard going to landfill. All our brown cardboard boxes have a recycling minimum content of 84%.